24x30 inch original work on gallery canvas. Matte finish allows the textural elements of the work to stand out. Ready to hang.

Artist signed. 


This piece is about the fleeting moments in motherhood. They may be common and seem insignificant while you're living them, but they only last for a short time. Even though not all parent-child relationships are perfect or even good, this is from a hope that people will see and feel the best parts of motherhood and be encouraged to be present during these times and enjoy them while they last.


It also attempts to portray the depth of a mother's love and her baby's response to that love. One of the sweetest experiences in life.


“My work is an expression of memories, ideas, and principles. I love the subjective quality of art – especially abstract art. No two people view it the exact same way. As the artist, I create what’s on my mind and in my heart, but when you view it, you bring what’s on your mind and in your heart to the table. That is a very special connection and way of communicating.


I believe art connects people in a way that verbal communication cannot. It is a visual perspective which affects both the artist & the viewer. That’s why I use a triangle in my signature to express the powerful connection art creates between me and you. The three sides stand for art, me, and you.


In addition to my hope for human connection, my work is therapeutic for me. Through some difficult times in my life, art has given me an outlet to express my passion and my hope for something better than what I can see."


Since much of my work is abstract expressionism, there isn't always a direct story correlation. What you see on the canvas is what comes welling up out of my heart on that particular day. There are elements of hope, movement, change, water, and always - life and freedom.


I usually start my work with an acrylic wash, which activates the canvas for me. After that dries, I add one or two layers of heavy body acrylic paint and, sometimes, oil pastel. My marks work with the flow of the original wash layer. Finally, I draw illustration lines on the dry paint to bring movement and life to the piece.


Though I am the mother of 5 kids, I find time to paint because I love to communicate visually. I find that painting helps people to understand what I mean better than any number of words could. As I've grown more emotionally healthy over the past year or so, I've learned to express my feelings. The color in my paintings often expresses my mood and emotions. The lines and shapes in my art express the way my mind analyzes things, as well as the constant movement of life & thought.


I hope this piece speaks to you and causes you to feel... much as I have felt as I created it. I hope it brings you peace and joy - whether you are buying or just looking.

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