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artist statement

Tinsley’s paintings use an organic process of washes and layers to explore emotion alongside the uncontrollable and unseen aspects of life. Each painting begins with a swathe of paint (often a wash) that is coaxed into a thoughtful, yet uncertain composition, and on that foundation, each painting is built. This organic foundation transforms into a permanent tribute to the uncontrollable nature of life. Recognizing the necessity of flexibility and movement within the limitations created by the history of the piece, Tinsley uses imaginative brushstrokes, shapes, and colors that are reminiscent of fairy tales and stories read as a child. This part of the process ushers the viewer into an unseen world that is very much a part of our tangible reality. While hope is not seen, it is felt.

Tinsley’s work shows viewers the limitations of their bodies and minds, reminding them not to hold too tightly to illusions of control or understanding, but to stand in awe of the world and its Creator. It also reminds the viewer to live in the tension of storms and sunshine - while we mourn the deep losses we each experience, we still seek hope and joy.


About Jess

Jess Tinsley is an artist advocating for hope, healing, & change through her work. A native of Memphis, TN, Jess uses paint and various media to create colorful artwork that gives visual representation to feeling.

With a background in business administration, Jess started a career change into art after a traumatic car wreck with her children. Jess and her four children (and one on the way) wrecked into a lake and the car almost overturned. No one was hurt, but to deal with all the what ifs and trauma surrounding the wreck, she was counseled to do some creative therapy to express and overcome the fear. She fell back on an old and ongoing hobby – painting – and felt such a sense of healing and fulfillment from that exercise, that she painted more and more. As she continued to work, she found a sense of purpose and calling that led to a full-time commitment to art as a career.

Coming from a background of dealing with fear, depression, & anxiety, Jess has found great comfort & purpose in art. Desiring to share with others her passion for healing and hope, she uses art to connect with others and offers catharsis to viewers as they experience the work.

Jess' work can currently be seen at Bingham & Broad, Cooper Young Gallery, Stock & Belle, & The Rev. In order to meet new people and share her work, Jess can be seen at art shows & festivals in the local area and around the country.

Find my work

Bingham & Broad

2563 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112

(Largest selection. Original landscapes, prints, and small works. Some abstract works.)

Cooper Young Gallery

889 Cooper Street

Memphis, TN 38104

(901) 729-6305

(Original works)

FocalPoint at Crosstown Concourse
1350 Concourse Ave

Suite 264,

Memphis, TN 38104

(901) 252-3670

(Large, original works- mostly abstract - through May 2020)

Stock & Belle

387 S Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

(901) 734-2911

(Prints and small works on paper)

Sundara Wellness

1314 Peabody Ave.

Memphis, TN 38104

(901) 321-5803

(Original mother and child, and abstract works)

The Rev

140 E Mulberry Street

Collierville, TN 38017

(901) 854-9578

(Very limited selection)

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