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Encouraging Other Artists

Find Resources & Tools

As I've built my career as an artist, I've found some tools and resources that have helped me immensely. If you are a maker, artist, creative, or small business owner, look below to see if any of these can help you in your pursuit. My goal is to help create community among artists - not competition. I'm a big fan of the Rising Tide Society (check them out on Facebook or Instagram). And if there are any questions you think I could help answer, feel free to drop me an email, below.

Helpful podcasts

Positively Creative

Click HERE to check out my friend, Dorothy Collier's podcast. She records interviews with seasoned artists and creatives to get inside information into the business and creative side of their work. Listen now!

Goal Digger

Jenna Kutcher gives business advice and information to creatives trying to run a small business. Including info about branding, business, marketing and inspiration, Jenna teaches on a broad range of topics. Click HERE to listen.

Get Connected

Rising Tide Society in Memphis & Nationwide

The Rising Tide Society is an organization that helps build community and promotes local creatives and small businesses.

To find out about local Rising Tide Society meetups, visit the Tuesdays Together Memphis Facebook page HERE.

For more information on the Rising Tide Society and for helpful tips and tools, visit the Rising Tide Society page HERE.

Rising Tide Society Facebook page HERE.

Helpful Apps

I export my photos (after editing in Lightroom) to Dropbox, so that I can save them to my phone and post to social media. Dropbox makes my photos available on any device. Click HERE for subscription info.

hyperlapse logo.jpg


I use this app on my iPhone to make my timelapse photos. I often use the Videoshop app to add light and music. Clip & Go is another good app for editing video.

More Apps & Tools

A few more things that might be helpful to you:

  • PicTapGo App

  • Clip & Go App

  • Venmo (payment)

  • Videoshop (video editing)

  • Photofunia (mock ups)

Abstract in BW

Helpful books

  • Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

  • Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

  • I'd Rather Be In the Studio by Alyson B Stanfield

  • The Myths of Creativity by David Burkus

  • How to Sell Your Art Online by Cory Huff

  • Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks

  • Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration by Meera Lee Patel

  • The Voice of the Heart by Chip Dodd

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