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Original oil painting on wood cradled surface with shiny (glass-like), resin finish. 2019. Ready to hang. 12"x12" with 3/4" profile depth. Option to include black floater frame (shown in photo).


I've been told that I don't have to over-explain my abstract work and while I do believe that visual art can communicate so much more - from my soul to yours, than my words ever could, I also want you to connect with my work. I want it to be accessible and relatable, no matter what background you come from.


To that end, I'll tell you this: my abstract work is very process driven and intuitive, but it carries in it the tensions of life. I paint the heaviness I feel in the world around me and in me and I also paint the hope I feel for something better. I believe there is more to life than what meets the eye. I want to communicate that feeling through color, line movement, texture, layers, and more.


More than any other possession, art is the one thing that brings joy to a home or workplace. Each time I look at art, I feel joy, connection, hope, and sometimes catharsis. I very much hope that my artwork does the same for you.


ADDITIONAL POLICIES AND FAQS: Color nuances cannot be captured perfectly by digital media and vary from screen to screen. Jess’ paintings are often purposely abstracted, up for interpretation. Some markings are flawed purposefully and thus affects the nature of the artwork as a finished piece. You'll be able to enjoy the natural brushstrokes and the ability to "see" the process in the finished piece.Copyright: As is true with all art under U.S. law, the artist retains reproduction rights and copyright of her created pieces unless she has expressly given her written and signed consent. Note: An artist's decision to reproduce an original for printing tends to increase the value of an original work.

A State of Flow - Original Oil Painting

  • I usually ship within 5 business days. Large paper pieces come rolled and are packaged in plastic within a shipping tube. They can be easily unrolled and laid out with books (or similar weight) on the back to regain their flatness.

    Local pickup is usually the following Thursday-Saturday when the retail store at Arrow Creative is open.

  • No returns unless damaged in shipping. If this occurs, please send photos to Thank you.

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