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Approximate dimensions: 5.5 in. width at top, 5.0 in. height. (Plants not included)

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

**The cracks you see in the bottom of this pot are superficial, created by the painted-on decoration process and will not affect the durability or quality of the pot.

One-of-a-kind handmade ceramic flower pot. Created on the pottery wheel (by Jess), then decorated and carved by Jess.


When I think about sharing my ceramics with you, I feel honored that you would choose my ceramic work to brighten your life or that you would give it as a gift to someone you hold dear. It is rewarding to create a useful vessel that will bring joy to the one who uses it. I image it bringing you joy as you water your plant friends, thankful to have color in your life. Here’s to finding joy on a daily basis!


All ceramics are made by Jess in a pottery studio (mostly on the pottery wheel), then painted by Jess with pottery glazes and fired to mid-range stoneware temps. One vessel may take about 4 hours of hands-on work that includes shaping the clay on the wheel, trimming excess clay and smoothing edges, stamping with a maker’s mark (or signing by hand), applying 3-6 layers of underglaze, carving the surface, and once bisque fired, applying a clear glaze and firing the piece to cone 6 temps. Because the process has so many steps and takes so long, many pieces are lost in the process. Each piece that survives the process is one-of-a-kind, dishwasher, and microwave safe.


Confetti Flower Pot 5 - Handmade

  • No returns unless damaged in shipping. If this occurs, please send photos to Thank you.

  • I usually ship within 5 business days. Large paper pieces come rolled and are packaged in plastic within a shipping tube. They can be easily unrolled and laid out with books (or similar weight) on the back to regain their flatness. 

    Local pickup is usually the following Thursday-Saturday when the retail store at Arrow Creative is open.

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