I love to combine things from real life and abstract art. The landscapes and seascapes I create are painted in a whimsical and abstract style to communicate that there is more to the world than what we see. These works hint at how invisible things like hope, logic, even anger, and passion, change our perception of the world around us and even have the potential to create tangible change.


More than any other possession, art is the one thing that brings joy to a home or workplace. Each time I look at art, I feel joy, connection, hope, and sometimes catharsis. I very much hope that my artwork does the same for you or a friend. Great for your home, office, or to give as a gift.


11x14 fine art print. Professionally printed on 100# fine paper for a beautiful finish. 1/4 inch border is perfect for a mat so that you can get all of the artwork in the frame. Or, great to frame without a mat in a standard, 11x14 frame.


Original artwork was created with an acrylic wash, acrylic paint, and ink on canvas and finished with a glossy resin coat.

Happy to provide wholesale pricing/orders upon request.


Artist Statement:
“My work is an expression of memories, ideas, and principles. I love the subjective quality of art – especially abstract art. No two people view it the exact same way. As the artist, I create what’s on my mind and in my heart, but when you view it, you bring what’s in your mind and in your heart to the table. That is a very special connection and way of communicating.
I believe art connects people in a way that verbal communication cannot. It is a visual perspective which affects both the artist & the viewer. That’s why I use a triangle in my signature to express the powerful connection art creates between me and you. The three sides stand for art, me, and you.”


About Jess:
Born & raised in the South, Jess is an emerging artist, primarily working in acrylic and ink. Her work is heavily influenced by water and movement- and her signature mark-making is based in long, sweeping lines that follow the flow of the layers in her work.
Home educated as a child, Jess had opportunity to experiment, research, and practice her artistic skills. She continues to be a self-learner to this day. Her artistic practice is ever-evolving, improving, and deepening through daily practice. Even as the mother of five children, Jess prioritizes her artistic practice, understanding that improvement and growth take time and consistency.
Jess’ work can currently be seen at Bingham & Broad, Cooper Young Gallery, Stock & Belle, & Sundara Wellness in Memphis. In order to meet new people and share her work, Jess can be seen at art shows & festivals in the local area and around the country.

Sea Sunset

  • No refunds unless the art is damaged in shipping. If something happens to the art, please be sure to email me immediately, with photos of the damage and describe what happened.

  • I ship within 3-5 days of your order. If you need an order expedited, please email me at jesstinsleyfineart@gmail.com and I will do my best to accommodate you.