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11x14 fine art reproduction on heavy paper. Signed.


My abstract work is very process driven and intuitive, but I often include hidden elements to represent things that are important to me - whether memories, values, or just a few of my favorite things. This type of work is a way for me to express some of the (perceived) odd things from my life that feel very normal to me. By hiding them, I hint at the difficulty that comes from feeling odd and trying to blend in. It acknowledges that perceptions deeply affect our connections and the hope to be seen, known, and accepted.


More than any other possession, art is the one thing that brings joy to a home or workplace. Each time I look at art, I feel joy, connection, hope, and sometimes catharsis. I very much hope that my artwork does the same for you.



Color nuances cannot be captured perfectly by digital media and vary from screen to screen.  Jess’ paintings are often purposely abstracted, up for interpretation.  Some markings are flawed purposefully and thus affects the nature of the artwork as a finished piece. You'll be able to enjoy the natural brushstrokes and the ability to "see" the process in the finished piece.

Copyright: As is true with all art under U.S. law, the artist retains reproduction rights and copyright of her created pieces unless she has expressly given her written and signed consent. Note: An artist's decision to reproduce an original for printing tends to increase the value of an original work.

“The Gentle Moment” Art Print

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