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Original Artwork:

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“To Burst Through My Bubble”
by Artist, Jess Tinsley

36x36 oil on gallery canvas. 1 5/8" profile. (Original available at Avenue Art Gallery Brush Off Competion.)



Limited Edition Art Reproduction:

Each limited edition print is on high-quality paper, and comes carefully packaged with a copy of the story behind the painting. Hand signed and numbered. 12"x12"


“To Burst Through My Bubble” was created in response to a realization that so many of us live in a “bubble” of our own experiences – only recognizing the needs of the people and space around us – while a whole other world of people exist who have different needs and experiences. Social media has made it easier and easier to close ourselves off to those who are different from us OR to really listen to their reasons for why they feel the way they do. I believe that people harm others from a place of hurt and anger that they have experienced themselves. To understand why others do what they do is to value them as much as you value your own thoughts and experiences. I have gone through a transformation of learning to hear from others – keeping my ears open – and being willing to hurt a bit, in order to burst through the bubble that I created to keep myself safe. I’m still in the process of learning, but this visual image encourages me to press forward with joy – looking forward to the beauty of the connections and relationships I create through staying open to those around me.


My work is about the tensions in life – about the difficulties and struggles we face – and how we respond to them. My hope is that when you are faced with your own struggle, my work will encourage you to have hope and joy. The figures in the pieces may feel sad, but they also dance. They may have limitations in their surroundings, still they push through. The plants and flowers are symbolic of growth and persistence. The change that plants experience – from seed to bud to beautiful bloom – is an example of how change can make us beautiful – if we allow it. To me, the most important things in life are the people around us and the decisions we make in response to what life throws at us.


You may see in my paintings the hardness of life – the grief, sadness, anger, and hurt – while also offering the idea that there is hope for healing and growth through the struggle. It is intended to inspire you to live at peace with the complexity of a world full of storms and sunshine - while we mourn the deep loss we each experience, we still seek reasons for hope and joy.

To Burst Through My Bubble

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