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The Kiss

This piece is about my desire to be loved.

At the time that I painted it, I felt desperately lonely, even though I was surrounded by family and friends that love me and want to take care of me.

This is me, surrounded by black loneliness and rage. That red ball in the middle is my brain - full of passion and imagination - but trapped inside without any expression.

If you look, you'll see several sets of lips - those are indicative of love that I can't reach out to.

Yes, it is dark, but I want you to see hope in this painting. Because in a way, this painting unleashed my self so that I could share with you.

This is the beginning of my journey to redemption and health. Follow along with me as I share with you my story. From thinking I was okay to finding out I really wasn't, and how I'm learning to be okay with imperfection.

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