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Jess or Jessica?

Maybe a few of you are curious about whether I go by Jess or Jessica. If you've known me for a long time, you know that up until recently, I've always introduced myself as "Jessica." My business is called "Jess Tinsley Fine Art", my Instragram handle is @jesstinsleyfineart, but my name is listed as Jessica Tinsley. So what's up with that?

When I started to think about what to call my business, I wanted to be really clear about my brand and who I am. I wanted to be friendly, encouraging, and genuine.

Over the years, I've noticed when people call me Jess for short. It's the people who really like me and are really comfortable with me. I wanted that to be true with all of you. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I think calling myself Jess takes away some of the formality in the relationship and starts us off on the right foot.

My husband calls me Jess, my friends often call me Jess, my siblings call me Jess when they are being super casual with me. I love it.

Please feel free to call me Jessica. My name is Jessica. I like my name - it means "blessed one." But also feel free to call me Jess when it strikes your fancy. It makes me feel like we are friends.

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