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My Dear Friend, Daniel

colorful abstract art

One of my favorite memories of Daniel is the time he brought a bouquet of flowers to my five-year-old sister (he was about 17 at the time). She says that gift made her life. Daniel was the funniest and kindest person you ever met in your life. He wore his socks pulled almost up to his knees with khaki shorts. He was tall and blonde and half Swedish. My whole family loved him and he was my first love in life.

Daniel passed away when he was 29 years old and my heart still breaks every time I think of him. On July 15 every year (his birthday), I want to call him like I used to... and I can't anymore.

This painting is in memory of all the wonderful things that Daniel was. The brown and the yellow are the two colors that I associate with him - both friendly and laid-back. Also, they had sunflowers at his funeral - they'll forever make me think of him.

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